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Don't forget your roots

Made of 100% recycled plastic, Greenroot planters are specifically designed to Grow vibrant, vigorous indoor and outdoor plants grow faster and healthier. Whether food, flower or foliage the innovative design of our striking, lightweight planters are perfect for achieving the best results bringing your home or garden to life..

Lightweight, Reusable & Recyclable Planters

Greenroot planters are based over air-pruning technique, are the ideal pot for you. Plant health and vigour is all about the roots and GreenRoot planters are specifically designed to create the healthiest root systems possible for container grown plants and gardens. Great growing results are achieved through the pots’ unique structure. Tapered cones direct roots to the air holes covering the pot. When the roots hit air they stop growing (air-pruning) and compensate by sending out more and more branches right back to the plant. As a result, rather than spiralling around the outside of a traditional plastic pot and becoming rootbound, they build-up of a strong and dense root system able to maximise the absorption of water, nutrients, oxygen and naturally producing faster growth.

Featured Pots & Planters

Greenroot offers a great selection of products with different width and height options. All products are complete and no need to pay extra add-ons.

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