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Greenroot sells plant pots in the Hamilton. As an online store Greenroot supplies pots and planters that stands up to Hamilton weather. Greenroot planters are perfect for indoors as well as outdoor usage.

Lightweightreusablerecyclable Greenoot air-pruning pots are  ideal for your container gardening.

Plant health and vigor is all about your roots and Greenroot  plant pots are specifically designed to create the healthiest and most fibrous root systems possible for container grown plants and gardens.


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Plant Pots in Hamilton - Top reasons to choose Greenroot

An air-pruning propagation system is excellent in Rotorua weather. It is an efficient method of propagating cuttings, seedlings or container plants for restoration projects. Air pruning happens naturally when roots are exposed to air. The roots are effectively “burned” off, causing the plant to constantly produce new and healthy branching roots. If roots are not exposed to air, they continue to grow around the container in a constricted pattern. The roots may spiral, twist, kink or become strangled. When the plant is later installed it will likely fail to establish a normal root structure, and instead will have reduced uptake of water and nutrients.

Eventually abnormal growth should be obvious and could cause the plant to fail. Damaged root systems also cause leaves to turn yellow or brown, shrivel or drop. Healthy, highly branched root structures allow a plant to more efficiently uptake water and nutrients while increasing growth and overall plant health.

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Traditional Root Pruning

Traditionally we cannot access the roots as a plant grows so we prune them during the transplant process. When you prune roots at transplant it typically involves cutting or loosening circling roots resulting in an additional time investment and requiring a basic understanding of a plants root structure.

Unfortunately, traditional techniques often result in transplant shock and occasionally even the loss of a plant or tree.

Air Pruning

With air-pruning, a plant’s roots come in contact with the air as they grow. It is a natural process where the individual root tip dries out and stops growing. The plant responds to this by producing even more fibrous lateral roots. What you end up with is a healthy plant with a dense fibrous root system, ready to take nutrients and water to your plant.

Some of the benefits of air-pruning include; less transplant shock, increased yield (for fruiting plants), faster growth after transplant, reduction – even elimination of circling roots, even soil moisture, and less susceptibility to root rot and disease.

Plant Pots in Hamilton - The top planters for Hamilton

  • Root Boosting Planter Small

    Smart Flowering 6.5Ltr Planter Black

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  • Root Boosting Planter Small

    Budding Strengthener 6.5Ltr Planter White

    $14.99 Add to cart
  • Root Boosting Planter Medium

    Smart Flowering 12Ltr Planter White

    $17.99 Add to cart
  • Root Boosting Planter Medium

    Seedling Amplifier 19Ltr Planter White

    $17.99 Add to cart
  • Pots & Planters Combos

    Plant Pots Sprout Booster Combo

    $50.00 Add to cart
  • Special 19 Ltr comboQuick View
    Pots & Planters Combos

    Outdoor Budding Strengthener Combo

    $49.99 Add to cart
  • Pots & Planters Combos

    Indoor Planters Sprout Booster Combo

    $56.00 Add to cart
  • Special combo 102Quick View
    Pots & Planters Combos

    Pots and Planters Smart Flowering

    $69.99 Add to cart
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