All Weather Smart Flowering Combo


Grow vital herbs in your kitchen, add detail to your balcony garden, green up your home office, embellish your living room or even give grace to your bathroom.

Material: 100% recyclable plastic (HDPE)
Colour: White / Black
Dimensions(d x h in cm): 20cm x 25cm (6.5 Ltr each) – Set of Five
Assembly: Required, Easy to assemble
Pack Content: 5 Planter Sheets, 5 Bases, 5 Saucers and Screws
Optional: Saucers are Included in the price.
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– Root boosting planters promote growth enhancing root systems & prevent root bind.
– Nutrient intake increases supporting higher growth rates, larger, stronger plants and higher yields.
– Environment friendly, made of 100% recycled plastic (HDPE), recyclable in New Zealand.
– Unique holes and cones design cause air-pruning of roots and development of extensive, healthy root structures.
– Robust,lightweight long life, easily transplanted and reusable pot design.
– Quality, recyclable plastic suitable for extreme weather conditions in New Zealand.
– Effortless transplanting as plants grow. Plants effortlessly removed and reduces transplant shock.
– Easy to assemble, easy to transport, easy to store when not in use.
– Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
– Available in sizes from 2 litres to 220 litres and a range of saucers available as an optional item.

Additional Information:
– Orders placed after 3PM will be dispatched on the next business day.
– Please check planter dimensions before placing your order.
– Refer to instruction video before usage over website.
– Plants not included.
– For detailed shipping cost please click here.

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