Budding Strengthener 2Ltr Planter Black


Garden Pot suitable for Indoor Plants, Garden Ornamentals, Herbs, Succulents etc

Material: 100% recyclable plastic (HDPE)
Colour: Black
Dimensions: 15cm (d) x 15cm (h)
Capacity: 2 litres
Shape: Circular
Assembly: Required, Easy to assemble
Pack Content: 1 Planter Sheet, 1 Base and Screws
Optional: Saucer is optional for $1.99
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– Root boosting planters promote growth enhancing root systems & prevent root bind.
– Nutrient intake increases supporting higher growth rates, larger, stronger plants and higher yields.
– Environment friendly, made of 100% recycled plastic (HDPE), recyclable in New Zealand.
– Unique holes and cones design cause air-pruning of roots and development of extensive, healthy root structures.
– Robust,lightweight long life, easily transplanted and reusable pot design.
– Quality, recyclable plastic suitable for extreme weather conditions in New Zealand.
– Effortless transplanting as plants grow. Plants effortlessly removed and reduces transplant shock.
– Easy to assemble, easy to transport, easy to store when not in use.
– Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
– Available in sizes from 2 litres to 220 litres and a range of saucers available as an optional item.

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– Please check planter dimensions before placing your order.
– Refer to instruction video before usage over website.
– Plants not included.
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