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The Greenroot planter is a recyclable, reusable plastic pot that works as an energizer for the plants and helps in the enhancement of their root systems. This innovative approach produces magnificent, non-spiraling root systems that cannot otherwise be developed in other available planters in the market. Greenroot planters are made of recycled HDPE plastic, circular in shape, and have a perforated sidewall textured like an egg carton. Since there are no flat surfaces that may bounce roots, the planters help in prevention from spiralling process. The inward pointing cones direct the roots towards the holes at the outward pointing cones to benefit from the best air density in the soil, leading to the build-up of a dense and fibrous radial root system in a dramatically shorter time. Greenroot planters can be customized in any diameter and come in a variety of heights that can be used with a base or without a base, and come with saucers for indoor planters. When used without a base, fielder fabric or plastic sheets can be used ideally as a base.

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Greenroot planters facilitate an air-pruning propagation system which is a low-cost and effective method of propagating cuttings, seedlings or container plants for restoration projects. Air pruning naturally occurs when the plant roots are exposed to the air in the absence of high humidity. As a consequence, the roots are effectually “burned” off, causing the plant to continuously produce new and healthy branching roots. If the roots are not exposed to air, they may continue to grow around the container in a restrained pattern and may spiral, twist, bend or get strangled. As a result, when the plant is installed later, it could fail to establish a normal root structure, and could rather have reduced uptake of water and nutrients Eventually this all could result in abnormal growth of the plant and could even cause the plant to fail. A good  root systems helps efficient uptake of water and nutrients while working on constant growth and improving overall plant health. Thus, a strong root system acts as a blessing for a plant to establish itself when installed in a restoration project.

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Advantages of GreenRoot Planters :

  • Promotes structured root systems
  • Prevents roots from spiralling
  • Encourages new roots to sprout
  • Prevents plants from becoming pot-bound
  • Plants may remain in pots, plugs or plant bands longer
  • Improves plant’s abilities to absorb water and nutrients. 
  • Facilitates increased plant productivity including growth, flowering and fruiting
  • Minimum possibility of over watering
  • Easy to move and easy to store
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GreenRoot Planters help the plants to have the better growth by developing a healthy root system that is most suitable for them. GreenRoot Planters promotes well drainage of airated compost system allowing healthy bacteria to release more nutrients to the plants.

And its revolutionary design helps attaining magical improvement of the roots as It stimulates the root branching right back to the stem. As each root gets sufficient air , Plant rapidly gets the most possible fibrous roots and faster growth . it further helps the plants to avoid root circling allowing the best results.

GreenRoot planters are totally environment friendly made from 100% recycled plastic. GreenRoot planters are most suitable for the extreme weather conditions and possibility of over watering is minimised with GreenRoot planters. GreenRoot planter reduces the gardening time as there is no need to dig a pit. It is easy to store when not in use and very easy to assemble and move from one place to another. Greenroot Planters can be used both indoor and outdoors .These are available in various sizes to suit all kind of requirements from seedling to big trees

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